A Second Chance – Beating Addiction and Hep C

Angel knows what rock bottom feels like. Since age eleven, Angel has abused alcohol, drugs, and walked a trouble path. That path would eventually lead him to federal prison after ending a man's life in a bar fight. While in prison, the substance abuse didn't stop -- and he eventually contracted hepatitis C. Angel spent the first half of his life making mistakes -- and paying the consequences. But it's never too late for courage. Miraculously, Angel decided he would no longer let his past dictate future: he got clean, he earned several degrees, and he sought treatment for his hepatitis C -- all within prison walls. You won't want to miss Angel himself talk about his darkest tragedies and brightest triumphs, as he sheds light on substance abuse, hepatitis C, and the courage it took to overcome them.

Coming Out—Fighting Stigmas of Epilepsy and Homosexuality

Imagine waking up in the hospital after a violent seizure; the fear, the uncertainty, the feeling of helplessness. This was Rick's reality. In 1991, doctors diagnosed him with Epilepsy. Rick was starting college and had big dreams, but the diagnosis with this hidden disability put his life and aspirations on hold. Rick was forced to move back home, as his seizures made life uncertain. Anger and defeat set in as he began to hide his Epilepsy. Join Brenda as she takes a glimpse into Rick's life. See how Rick learned to accept, not only his Epilepsy, but also his sexuality.

Corporate Executive Fires Breast Cancer

Nancy is no stranger to courage. Her success as an executive in a male-dominated industry is testimony to her tenacity and will. But everything changed the moment she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like hundreds of thousands of women each year, she was left with an uncertain future; an uncertain life. But listen to Nancy share her journey on how she mustered the same strength she had always used to better her life, to fight for it. Listen to Nancy and Brenda, who knows very well the devastation of a diagnosis and the triumphs of overcoming it, have a frank and emotional conversation on what it takes to win back control of your life. Whether it’s her candor or sense of humor—like the ironic way she got the “D cups” she always wanted!—Nancy’s story will inspire you to unlock your courage within.

JAG Officer Objects to Colorectal Cancer

Mark has been a fighter all his life, and his battle with cancer is no exception. Join Brenda as she welcomes Mark to the couch, a retired JAG attorney who illustrates the strength and courage of cancer survivors. Mark’s life had been nearly perfect – until he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. But he mustered up all his strength and determination to fight. Listen to Brenda and Mark discuss his lowest lows and his sweetest triumphs in emotional and inspiring detail. In no uncertain terms, Mark tells Brenda for what – and for whom - he fights, and shares his encouraging philosophy that has helped him through his difficult journey. Mark’s embodiment of courage is not only inspiring, but also humbling.

Courage for Two: Blood is Thicker than Water

Illness doesn’t just affect those who are ill – it also affects the people who love them. Meet Melinda, whose life has been defined by helping others: as a nurse and as a caregiver to several members of her family who have been affected by chronic conditions. As a matter of fact, you already know one of them: Brenda. Melinda is Brenda’s aunt and was one her primary caregivers during her darkest days of multiple sclerosis. Listen in on this intimate conversation of how Melinda not only raised Brenda up from disability and despair, but helped other members of their family get through cancer and epilepsy. Melinda proves that courage can be found in both big and small places; in the largest of efforts to the smallest of deeds.